2nd General Assembly meeting - Kairouan - 5th to 7th of November, 2013

This meeting was held in Kairouan, Tunisia, on the 5th to 7th of November.
All partners' Institutions were represented.

During this meeting, different decisions were adopted:

  1. Concerning the definition and development of the bachelor program
    • The program structure was approved
    • The TUs' syllabi were discussed
    • A list of tutors covering all TUs was created
  1. Concerning the staff training
    • All the different training classes and their schedules were settled
  1. Concerning the dissemination
    • Flyers and posters to ensure the dissemination of the EOLES Bachelor to future students were design and presented during the meeting
    • A change in the newsletter schedule was approved
  1. Concerning the sustainability of the project
    • It was decided that 5 universities will submit an accreditation application (UMAB for the Algerian partners, UK for the Tunisian partners, UCAM, UAE and UNILIM)
    • The consortium discussed also the possibility of creating a joint degree between all the accredited universities
  1. Concerning the financial and administrative management
    • An intermediary report has to be transmitted to EACEA by the 15 of April 2014. Each WP coordinator has to complete the part concerning their WP and each partner has to send for the beginning of March 2014 their financial balance. The period covered by the intermediate report is from the 15 of October 2012 to the 28 of February 2014.

2nd General Assembly meeting - Kairouan