3rd General Assembly meeting - Porto - 21st to 23rd of October, 2014

This meeting was held in Porto, Portugal, on the 21st to 23rd of October.
All partners' Institutions were represented.

The meeting comprised several work sessions, plus a guided visit to the city in the evening of the first day.

The meeting started with an assessment of the first TUs of the first edition of the EOLES course, which had started a month before, and a balance of its progress, with an emphasis in the preparation of the TUs and on the installation of the software servers and remote lab equipment.

The second day was dedicated to management tasks, namely the quality assessment questionnaires, financial and administrative issues and the preparation of the final report.

In the third day several issues related to the recruitment process of the students and to pedagogical aspects of the course were discussed, followed by a reflection about the continuity of the course beyond the end of the project, and the possibility of new European projects' submissions.

3rd General Assembly meeting - Porto