Newsletter 2

June 2013

Message from the Coordinator

Welcome to the second newsletter of the European project EOLES

Steering and pedagogical committees meetings were organised in Mostaganem on the 5th and 6th, February 2013. I would like to thank all the organizers of this meeting for their excellent work. More than 45 people from all partner countries took part in the rich and fruitful discussions. All the workpackages of the project have been adressed.

The main work consisted in sumarizing all the work done before this meeting to deliver a first version of the bachelor curriculum. You will find in this newsletter the main information about the course content and the course schedule.

The work is now going on, thanks to numerous remote virtual meetings, to choose the final host universities for the different servers and experimental laboratories comprising the equipement required for the remote lab. All these choices will be discussed during the third steering and pedagogical committees meetings to be held in October in Kairouan (Tunisia).

Happy reading,

Denis Barataud

Course content

The aim of the EOLES project is the creation of an e-learning English-taught 3rd year Bachelor degree, including the possibility of performing online practical works using innovative remote laboratories developed by the EOLES partners.

Accordingly, in the first stage of the project the course curriculum was defined. The course will comprise 14 Technical Units, plus 2 optional units. The aim of these two optional units is to introduce and consolidate students' knowledge of Optics prior to undertaking the 3rd year.

The 14 Technical Units are:

  • TU01 - ICT-Introduction to Virtual Learning Environment
  • TU02 - Mathematical and Analysis tools for physics 1
  • TU03 - Communication techniques in English
  • TU04 - Analog electronics for embedded systems
  • TU05 - Digital electronics for embedded systems
  • TU06 - Wave and propagation for embedded system
  • TU07 - Power electronics and embedded systems
  • TU08 - Business Communication Techniques in English
  • TU09 - Mathematical and Analysis tools for physics 2
  • TU10 - Signal Processing
  • TU11 - Instrumentation
  • TU12 - Optics for embedded systems
  • TU13 - Embedded systems
  • TU14 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Business planning

All Technical Units will be taught in English.

Apart from theoretical and tutorial sessions, technical units will comprise hands-on sessions for which remotely operated equipment is needed. Therefore, a network of remote laboratories for students to perform real experimental work remotely is being prepared and will be installed in the Universities of Marrakech in Morocco, University Abdelhamid Ibn Badis of Mostaganem in Algeria and University of Kairouan in Tunisia.

Detailed information about the Technical Units' content will be available on the EOLES website as soon as it is approved by the group of external experts invited to evaluate the course structure and content.

Course schedule

The course is set to begin in the school year 2014/15. Registration will take place in the first week of September. Classes will begin a week later, and will pursue according to the following calendar:

EOLES outdoors

EOLES was presented at:

  • SIFTECH - 14ème Salon International du Futur Technologique
    May 13-15, 2013 - Centre de Conventions, Oran, Algeria
    Si vous ne pouvez aller à l'université, l'université vient vers vous
    Presentation by : Mr. Abdelhalim Benachenhou - Université de Mostaganem

  • Journée Scientifique E-Learning
    May 5, 2013 - Institut National des Télécommunications et des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (INTTIC), Oran, Algeria
    L'expérience de l'Université de Mostaganem dans le e-learning
    Presentation by : Mr. Abdelhalim Benachenhou - Université de Mostaganem

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Next events

EOLES Steering and Pedagogical committee meetings
22th to 24th of October, 2013
University of Kairouan
Kairouan, Tunisia

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