Newsletter 3

November 2013

Message from the Coordinator

Welcome to the third newsletter of the European project EOLES

A year after the kick-off meeting of the European Tempus project EOLES and with a lot of work already done by all partners, in this third newsletter you will find information about the second EOLES Steering and Pedagogical Committees meetings held in Kairouan, during which the 3rd year Bachelor Program's syllabus was approved.

This newsletter also presents:

  • the Tempus EOLES project training sessions addressed to teachers and technical and administrative staffs;

  • the EOLES soul mate projects;

  • the EOLES outdoors: EOLES Tempus project dissemination in upcoming conferences;

  • the EOLES French press release.

During this second year, National Tempus Offices together with the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency will undertake a monitoring of the EOLES project in Tunisia and Algeria. It will be a good opportunity to show the progress of the project.

The first equipment has been supplied and will be delivered in the coming weeks to our south partners:

  • 11 e-Learning studios, 11 interactive white boards, 11 interactive 24 HD creative Pen displays, 11 laptops, 11 desktop computers and its monitors, 11 short throw video projectors, 11 USB conference speakerphones);

  • 3 application servers and 1 web server.

During the second year of this project, the resources for each teaching units will be created, the innovative "International Remote Laboratory", the "key point" of the project, will be defined and developed, international partnership accreditation process will be implemented, and online general and technical English trainings will improve the skills of the project staff.

In conclusion, a lot of exciting work remains to be done, under the control of the EOLES Steering Committee, whose online meetings are taking place monthly, before the beginning, in September 2014, of the first 3rd year Bachelor course attended by the first international students enrolled in the EOLES training!

Happy reading,

Denis Barataud

2nd EOLES Steering and Pedagogical committees meetings

The 2nd EOLES (Electronics and Optics e-Learning for Embedded Systems) Steering and Pedagogical committee meetings were held in Kairouan, Tunisia, in the beginning of November. The aim of the EOLES project is to create a 3rd year Bachelor degree in Electronics and Optics for Embedded Systems. During the meeting, important work was concluded and future goals were defined.

After the introduction of some changes following experts' recommendations, the Bachelor Program was approved by all partners. Each of the Coordinators of the 14 mandatory Technical Units and of the 3 Technical Update Units have now the responsibility of supervising the development of unit's content and the production of teaching materials.

Detailed information about the Technical Units' content is available on the EOLES website.

Another important task to be concluded before the end of the year is the definition of the practical works. This definition is crucial to finalize the equipment list to be acquired and the installation of the remote lab, since it is fundamental for the success of the Bachelor program. Some partners exposed their work in the field of remote labs and their ideas about how to implement the EOLES remote lab.

The accreditation process of the 3rd year Bachelor program is already underway in Algeria and Morocco. Different country accreditation rules led to the need of introducing some adjustments, without changing the main structure of the course.

Some aspects related to the training program planned for teachers and staff - general and technical English language training, E-learning platform use training and E-learning platform administration training - were also reviewed during the meeting.

Another important aspect discussed was the need to start disseminating the course. Several alternatives for the posters and leaflets were presented and change suggestions were collected. It was also reinforced the need to improve EOLES Facebook visibility as social networks are currently an important vehicle of communication among youth, potential candidates to the EOLES courses.

It was also decided that the 3rd EOLES Steering and Pedagogical committee meetings will take place at Porto, between the 21st and 23rd of October, 2014.

EOLES Training

An aspect of the EOLES project concerns the training of teachers and staff from the North Africa partner countries' institutions in order to ensure an efficient transfer of expertise from EU partners to those institutions and the mid-term sustainability of the 3rd year Bachelor program.

In the current semester, two training courses are taking place related to the E-learning platform: "E-learning platform use training" addressed to teachers; and "E-learning platform administration training" addressed to technical staff from the institutions in North Africa where the E-learning platform will be installed.

In the next semester, another two training courses will take place addressed to teachers and with the sole purpose of improving their general and technical English.

The training courses will be delivered online by Université de Limoges, Katholiek Universiteit van Leuven, Université Virtuelle de Tunis and Université de Mostaganem Abdelhamid Ibn Badis.

EOLES soul mates

The number of e-learning courses available in the Internet exploded in the last decade. Many of them required the development and implementation of e-resources, virtual or remotely operated labs, to complement theoretical classes and to provide e-students with the same degree of interaction with lab equipment as on-site students.

Some projects launched with this goal in mind are currently underway. They are EOLES soul mate projects:

If you are in a project related to e-learning methodologies or courses, especially if aiming to implement virtual or remote labs, drop us an e-mail. Our address is:

EOLES outdoors

EOLES will be presented at:

EOLES Dossier de Presse

Un dossier de presse en français est disponible sur le site d'EOLES pour ceux qui veulent connaitre notre projet ou aider à son dissémination.

Vous pouvez faire le chargement du dossier au site de EOLES - Dossier de presse EOLES (en français)

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