Newsletter 6

April 2015

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Message from the Coordinator

Dear readers,

welcome to the sixth newsletter of the European project EOLES

After 30 months of an intensive collaborative work, what a pleasure to see the first results of our first EOLES students! On a basis of 22 students, a total of 14 have already validated the first semester. Let us remind you that students have from the beginning of the year operational access to remote and virtual Practical Works which will enable them to monitor technical hardware and software. A step further in our ambitious project will be achieved soon as the delivery of the remote laboratory equipment for partner universities (Universities of Kairouan, Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech and Mostaganem) is currently in progress.

In parallel, the new campaign for the next L3-EOLES academic year (2015-2016) has been launched in March. Information materials (posters and leaflets) have been produced, updated and submitted to local partners. We count now on each one of you to ensure a wide dissemination of L3-EOLES Bachelor within your universities and outdoors! Thanks to our partnership, the single portal for Students registration ( is already opened and will greatly facilitate the students recruitment process.

Finally, as one aim of the TEMPUS EOLES project is to bring academic and work worlds closer together on the cross-cutting embedded systems sector, the L3-EOLES pedagogical team is currently building the opening of the lifelong education training.

We hope to see most of you in September in Marrakech for our final General Assembly combined with the first Diploma Ceremony for L3-EOLES successful students!

Thank you for your interest in the EOLES project.

Happy reading,

Guillaume Andrieu

Coordinator of the EOLES project

News from the 1st edition of the EOLES Course

The first edition of the EOLES course is under way.

The first semester ended by the middle of February and therefore it is already possible to make a first evaluation of how things are going on.

25 students started the course in September, 2014. 14 of them successfully concluded the first semester, while 8 may try to conclude it during the make-up session in July (3 students dropped out the course in favour of a job position).

The importance of the EOLES Accreditation

In the first edition of the EOLES course, all students are simultaneously enrolled in the University of Limoges and in one of the accredited Universities of their choice in their countries of origin, Morocco and Tunisia. Thus all successful students will receive a double degree: a Bachelor’s degree Diploma issued by the University of Limoges and recognized in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and a Bachelor’s degree Diploma issued by the Universities of their countries of origin.

Therefore, EOLES students will have their professional qualifications recognised in any EHEA country.

This is why it is of utmost importance the Accreditation of the fully online EOLES 3rd year Bachelor degree in Electronics and Optics e-Learning for Embedded Systems.

A recent article published in "The New York Times" newspaper recognizes to be essential to get online courses accredited.

To get a job you need to have an official college degree. Otherwise, no one will hire you, no matter how many online courses you have made and how good you are.

You may read the article "Here’s What Will Truly Change Higher Education: Online Degrees That Are Seen as Official", at the "The New York Times" newspaper site.

EOLES outdoors

EOLES was presented at:

The paper was published in the Proceedings of the Conference, edited by IEEE, and will be shortly available at IEEExplore

3rd General EOLES Assembly and final EOLES Steering and Pedagogical committees meetings and Workshop

The final EOLES Steering and Pedagogical committees meetings will be held in the Université Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech, Morocco, in September, 2015.

With the first edition of the EOLES course concluded by then, and the second just starting, the discussions will be mainly centred around the experience collected during the first edition and the improvements that shall be made for the next editions.

This GA has three main objectives:

  1. an assessment of the activities carried out for 3 years - work packages review, quality report conclusions and recommendations, identification of best practices and difficulties, preparation of the Final Report;
  2. the consolidation of the roadmap for sustainability draft;
  3. dissemination and optimization of the results of the Eoles Project - diploma delivery ceremony for graduated students and public workshop with the presence of Ministries and journalists.

During the Workshop, Diplomas will be delivered to students that have successfully concluded the first edition of the EOLES course.

We hope to see you in Marrakech in September.

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Second edition of the EOLES course for 2015-2016 academic year
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3rd General EOLES Assembly and final EOLES Steering and Pedagogical committees meetings and Workshop
September, 2015
Université Cadi Ayyad
Marrakesh, Morocco

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