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January 2013

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Welcome to the first newsletter of the European project EOLES.

This european project, validated and accepted in July 2012, actually began with the first meeting held in Limoges in November 2012. During this Kick off meeting the organizational structure of the management of project with all the partners has been finalized.

The Kick-off meeting was an opportunity to make several meetings, to visit the ICT and physics departments of the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of the University of Limoges and also the experimental laboratories of the XLIM research institute. A final visit to the main historical sites of Limoges Downtown has reinforced friendship among the different partners.

The year 2013 will be devoted to the definition of bachelor curriculum which shoud be finalized during a second pedagogical committee meeting to be held in February in Mostaganem.

You will find in this newsletter the main information about the work achieved during the last 3 months and the project schedule in the new year.

Happy reading,

Denis Barataud

Project summary

The EOLES project (Electronics and Optics e-Learning for Embedded Systems) aims to support the e-learning development in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in Physical Sciences by creating an english spoken 3rd year Bachelor degree in Electronics and Optics for students already having a 2-year university degree in physic sciences (corresponding to 120 ECTS credits) and living all over the world and especially in North Africa.

During the first two years of the project, the partners will elaborate the teaching materials and the remote laboratory in order to implement them during the third year of the project.

The implementation of the remote laboratory is one of the key points of the project and one of the most innovative: indeed, thanks to it, students will be able to perform online practical works, which is rare in existing e-learning trainings.

A particular focus on the sustainability and on the quality of such curriculum will be taken into consideration thanks to the creation of a working group and experts and studentsˇ¦ involvement.

This project coordinated by University of Limoges gathers 15 partners: 3 other European universities and 11 Maghreb universities.

Duration of the project: 36 months (15 October 2012- 14 October 2015)

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EOLES pedagogical committee meeting
4th to 7th of February, 2013
University of Mostaganem
Mostaganem, Algeria

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